Cost per Stipendary Priest

What does it cost to have a vicar in post in your parish and benefice?

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Easy Fund Raising

As part of our aim to provide funding support to churches in our diocese, I want to tell you about our partner easyfundraising. It enables your church to receive free additional income.

Through the easyfundraising partnership, 7,500 online retailers including Amazon, eBay, John Lewis, Etsy, M&S, Screwfix, Waitrose, Argos, Eden, Boots, Trainline will donate money to your church when your parishioners shop online with them – for free!

Here’s how it works: when your parishioners use the easyfundraising website to find a retailer they want to shop with, the retailer sends your church a free donation based on how much they spend. It doesn’t cost anything extra as the retailer pays the donation, not the shopper.

It’s a bit like using a cashback site, but instead of one individual benefiting, your church community can pull together and raise for your organisation. Anything from a weekly grocery shop to a family holiday can generate a free donation.

Every 3 months you receive all the donations raised by your parishioners, into your church’s bank account or paid by cheque (subject to a minimum amount raised).


What’s in it for your church?

Not only does easyfundraising allow your church to create a new income stream that fundraisers and raffles are unable to offer, especially in the current climate, it also enables people to give without it coming directly out of their pockets.

What do other churches in the Diocese think?

“This is a great way to increase funding for your church. I would absolutely recommend it to other churches – it’s easy to use, both for the user and the administrator, for everyday purchases via the internet.” Clive J, St Mary and St Peter Church Lois Weedon, £927 raised

“easyfundraising is something we have found helpful to our church’s finances. It’s a simple way of enabling supporters of the church to use their online purchases to raise funds at no cost to themselves. I would recommend it. We use our easyfundraising income to support the general running costs of the church.” Stuart B, St Botolph's – Slapton. £366 raised so far.

Getting started

  • Create your church profile on the easyfundraising site – it’s very quick and easy to do
  • Get familiar with easyfundraising. Book a call with a team member, to help you get started
  • Use the free marketing tools easyfundraising provide to tell your church about it. These include social media copy, images, posters, and flyers.

If you have questions and would like to speak to someone about easyfundraising before getting started, please contact our Account Manager who will be happy to help you.

Why Give? The spirituality of generous giving

Stewardship is not about finance, it's about love - download here to read more.

8 reasons believers give to your church - find out more on the website. Click here for more information.

Building a Generous Church - watch this video from the Church of England National Giving Team.

Re-Imagining the offertory

For many years churches have passed round a bag or plate during a service to collect offerings of money. It is probably fair to say that the reasons for doing this are little understood by the average congregation.

Reimagining the Offertory (PDF).

Giving in Grace

Resources to support your church in encouraging an attitude of grace in giving for church goers.

Resources can be found on the Giving in Grace website here.


If you want to learn how to increase giving to your church, there are four areas we need to focus on, and they helpfully form the acronym MINT:

'Mint' logo - Mechanism, Impact, Need, Trust

Have the right mechanisms for giving, such as direct debit, contactless, online, legacies, gift aid and so on. 

Show the impact of people’s giving, how it enables the church’s ministry and mission. 

Explain the need for people to give, so they see how important it is that they give. 

Build trust, so that people have confidence that the church will spend their gifts wisely and well. 

Visit the The Church of England website for more information about MINT and further resources to support you in encouraging generous giving within your church.

Resources for children

Here are a selection of resources to use with children to develop generous giving:

Seasons of giving - an all age worship service (download here)

Young People Giving for Life (download here)

Money Matters - creative resources for talking money for children and young people (download here)

Preach Exodus: Action Scenes (download here)

The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde (download here)

The Selfish Giant By Oscar Wilde Cartoon (download here)

Want to know more about stewardship?

As a team we are happy to work with you. If you have any questions or want to discuss any giving matters contact the Generous Giving Team.

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