The Diocese of Peterborough is made up of two archdeaconries, twelve deaneries and 348 parishes.  There are two central offices, a Cathedral and a diocesan retreat house. 


Map of the Diocese

Archdeaconries and Deaneries

The diocese is divided into two arcdeaconaries and they each into six deaneries.  Here is more information about what this means.

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Map of the Diocese

Mapping the Diocese

The Church of England Research and Statistics unit has shared a parish mapping tool which allows you to look at parish boundaries and also relevant statistics for the area.

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Outside of the Diocesan Office

Peterborough Office

The Diocesan Offices are located in The Bishop's Palace in Peterborough.

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The outside of Bouverie Court

Northampton Office  
(Bouverie Court)

The Mission And Ministry Centre for the Diocese is located at our offices in Bouvrie Court, Northampton.

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Door to the Bishop's Office

The Bishops' Office

The Bishops of Peterborough and Brixworth are supported by the Bishops' Office Team located alongside the Diocesan Offices in Peterborough.

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Shelves full of books

Diocesan Library 

The Diocesan Library has a range of resources to support you in ministry and is based at Bouverie Court.

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Outside of Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral

The Cathedral is the mother church of the diocese.  Find out more about what this means here.

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A lake in a sheep field

Diocesan Retreat House - Launde Abbey

The diocese shares its retreat house with the Diocese of Leicester.

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