Toolkit 4

Safer Recruitment and People Management

You can find the Safer Recruitment and People Management (SRPM) Process Summary here

Below you will find links to more detailed written guidance on various safeguarding topics.

1. Identify who has responsibility for recruitment (Section 1 from policy) 

2. Role description and Personal Specification (Section 2 from policy) 
   Role description template 

3. Advertising a Role and Application Form (Section 3 from policy)

4. Application process (section 4 from policy)
    Volunteer Application Form 

5. Confidential Declarations and Form (Section 5 from policy)
    Confidential Declaration Form 

6. Shortlist applicants (Section 6 from policy)

7. Interview and Assessments (Section 7 from policy)
    Example interview questions 

8. Pre-Appointment Checks: Reference request from for volunteers (Section 8 from policy)
   Volunteer Reference Request form 

9. Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) (Section 9 from policy)
    DBS role eligibility guidance 
    Portability of DBS
    Recruiting ex-offenders policy

10. Criminal Records (Section 10 from policy)
      Dealing with Criminal Records - (FOR USE BY DSA TEAM)

11. Appointment (Section 11 from policy)
     Appointment letter for volunteers 

12. Induction (Section 12 from policy)
      Induction Checklist 
  Code of Safer Working Practice
      Job description 
      Examples for Model Volunteer Job Roles

13. Probation / Settling in Period (Section 13 from policy)

14. Ongoing Support, Accountability, Oversight and Supervision (Section 14 from policy)
     Volunteer support meeting agenda

15. Learning and Development (Section 15 from policy)
     Learning and Development template

16. Record Keeping (Section 16 from policy)
      Record keeping template (EXCEL)


Safer Recruitment & People Management Assessment Tool

The Safer Recruitment & People Management Assessment Tool is designed to help you understand your current safer recruitment and people management practices and procedures. It can be downloaded here


A list of frequently asked questions can be found here


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