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Contact the Communications team

Communications Officer and Marketing Assistant – Andy Evans

The Communications Officer and Marketing Assistant edits diocesan e-bulletins and publications, and oversees the content of the diocesan website. Andy can also offer advice to parishes on communication issues. Andy's role also involves him working for Peterborough Cathedral on their communications.

We are always glad to hear news from churches in the diocese. You can contact us in the following ways:
01733 887012

To advertise your event on the web, on Cross Keys or in any relevant publications, please answer the questions below in an email and send to

Name of Organiser - (or point of contact)
Telephone number
Dates and times of event

Remember to:
Please let us know about your event, how long has it been happening, or is it new? Are you celebrating something special? Why? Please tell us in a way that would make us want to come too. If this is not in Peterborough Diocese, tell us why this is relevant for the members of the parish/benefices here.

Do you have a flyer or a webpage that is advertising your event? Please attach to your email, or send us the link.

And finally, please send us some artwork, or a photo, or some sort of visual (it can even be a short video) that encapsulates what will be happening. Any visual will make it more likely for people to notice your event and want to come.

If you have any questions, please ring the communication team on 01733 887000 or email

Communications training

Training in church communications is available nationally and sometimes locally. Contact the Communications Officer and Marketing Assistant to find out about any local training currently offered.

For training offered nationally by the Church of England, see