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Ordained ministry


Everyone is called. We are all called to live in relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  And we are all called to continue the work of Jesus through the power of his Holy Spirit today.  Ministry is to join in with what God is already doing. It is a gift and task God gives to the whole church.


You may be 16, you may be 60, somewhere in between, older or younger. Maybe you feel an inner impulse to be more, do more, for God. Maybe others have suggested that the person you are or the way you serve in your local church helps them grow in their relationship with God and serve him more fully. Maybe you have a sense that your faith isn’t just part of your life, but the heart of your life.

Perhaps you simply have a general sense that God is calling you into leadership in his Church for a purpose he will show you in time to come.  Or maybe you

  • long to see people come to faith in Jesus for themselves

  • love to see community with faith at the heart

  • see the potential that the Church has to be good news in our society today

  • have a talent for communicating the Bible with individuals, in small groups or larger settings 

  • are fascinated by the Eucharist, it grips and inspires you

  • come alive when given the opportunity to lead others in prayer or worship 

  • are someone people find easy to talk to and share their burdens with.

Perhaps you wonder what it would be like if you could do some of these things as an ordained minister in the church. 








 Ordination of a priest



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