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Archdeacons share in the mission of the Church, exercising their ministry in close collaboration with the bishop, and play a significant role in the appointment, oversight, pastoral care and discipline of the clergy.

The Archdeacons are there to ensure that the bishop is aware of the needs and concerns of clergy and people. They induct and install ministers, conduct visitations of parishes, care for churchwardens and act as a bridge between parish and diocese in matters concerning church buildings and faculties, pastoral reorganisation and parsonages.

The Archdeacon of Northampton

The Ven. Richard Ormston is the Archdeacon of Northampton. The Archdeaconry of Northampton covers the southern part of the diocese, including Brackley, Brixworth, Daventry, Greater Northampton, Towcester and Wellingborough deaneries.

"It is a wonderful challenge to have mission and growth as one of the main focuses of my Archdeacon’s role," says Richard. "God’s love is not just focused on the few who are ploughing their way through weekly worship. He is well ahead of us in mission and invites us to catch up with what he is doing beyond the safety of the church walls."

The Archdeacon of Northampton’s Office

Bouverie Court, The Lakes, Bedford Road, Northampton NN4 7YD

01604 887075

Personal Assistant: Cheryl Goddard

01604 887074

The Ven. Gordon SteeleThe Archdeacon of Oakham

The Ven. Gordon Steele is the Archdeacon of Oakham. The Archdeaconry of Oakham covers the northern part of the diocese, including Corby, Higham, Kettering, Oundle, Peterborough and Rutland deaneries. In addition to his regular archidiaconal duties, Archdeacon Gordon has spiritual oversight of financial matters across the diocese.

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The Archdeacon of Oakham’s Office

The Diocesan Office, Peterborough PE1 1YB

01733 887017

Personal Assistant: Cheryl Cullen

01733 887019