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Spirituality is about developing our awareness of God, and letting that growing awareness inform and shape our life. In practice, this requires us to establish a pattern of prayer, and to learn about how we relate to ourselves and to the world around us: how we take our place within the Church, humanity and creation.


Spiritual direction

Spiritual direction or spiritual accompaniment is a confidential relationship which creates the space for discerning the presence of God in life’s experiences and for increasing our awareness of how to live out of that Presence.

Find out more in this leaflet: What is spiritual direction?

Fellowship of Spiritual Directors

In October 2014, the Peterborough Diocesan Fellowship of spiritual directors came into being.  The purpose of the Fellowship is the enabling of spiritual direction within the diocese and the provision of a coherent community in which individuals will receive mutual support and on-going development.

Fellowship implies a body; a sense of belonging; a shared journey; mutual responsibility for maintaining good practice; that accountability is a ‘horizontal’ process in which all should share and not a ‘top-down’ imposed structure.  Thus the fellowship should eventually become far more than a list of names that the diocese can utilise as spiritual directors.

The Fellowship meets twice a year, for both on-going training and development as well as the forging of friendships, mutual support and nurturing within a ministry that at times can be can be isolating.

There is a basic criteria to be met by those wishing to become part of the Fellowship.  These criteria are about providing for and maintaining the quality of what we do rather than proscribing literal standards.  This has seemed a vital concept to keep before us during the development phase of the Fellowship, as has been the balance between ensuring competency - as far as we can – whilst trying  not to  over-professionalise what we are about.

As part of this process we are looking to establish some supervision groups within the diocese for those who need to find supervision.

This is a venture full of possibilities for the diocese, which places spiritual direction within the whole diocesan structure.   It should be a group that we create and mold the shape of as we move into the future together and we hope that spiritual directors already working within the diocese will join us in this venture.


If you have questions or wish to know more about how to fulfil any of the criteria then please do not hesitate to contact Sister Rachel whose details are below.

 Attached are the following documents:

-          The criteria for membership in full

-          An application form

-          Application Form (Word Format)

-          Basic policy for spiritual direction referrals

 Finding a spiritual director

Choosing a spiritual director is a very personal decision and an important decision as it can have a large impact on life. Therefore it is worth taking some time to think and pray.

Find out more in this leaflet: Finding a spiritual director

Feeling called to a ministry of spiritual direction

If you feel drawn to this ministry of spiritual direction or accompaniment, or if you are finding that people seek you out to talk about their faith and life, you can find out more in this leaflet: The ministry of spiritual direction

Contact the Adviser for Spirituality

Sister Rachel Overton

01733 569748

More about Sister Rachel (from Magazine Resource, November 2012)

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