Resources for Clergy (NoShow)

Chaplains, Advisers & Officers supporting Clergy

Chaplains, advisers and officers supporting clergy in different seasons of ministry.

Clergy Wellbeing

Support for clergy wellbeing


Advice for clergy about confirmations in the diocese

Eucharistic Assistants

Information about downloadable documents for a Eucharistic Assistant Licence</br>

Fellowship of Spiritual Directors Further Information

Further information about the Fellowship of Spiritual Directors

Mediation and Reconcilation Team

We offer a free and confidential service to all clergy, lay ministers and churchwardens helping them to navigate a time of conflict.

Mental Health

Support for clergy mental health

Ministerial Development Review

Information about clergy MDR

Permission to Officiate

Information about applying for permission to officiate

Registration of Marriages

Guidance on the legalities of weddings and recoding of information.

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