Mediation and Reconcilation Team

The potential for conflict is never far away; it exists when two or more people are present with different ideas, trying to occupy the same space. This can lead to disruption that can destroy ministry teams, even congregations. Within the life of the church, conflict is nothing new. (James chapter 4).

There are different levels of conflict, and often the longer something is left, the more difficult it can be to resolve. Conflict dealt with positively and openly can be good for a church that could lead to creative change and opportunities for growth.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, you are not alone; a team of trained people in the diocese will walk with you.

This can be a simple one-to-one ‘sounding board’ conversation, discerning the situation and exploring possible ways forward – in a parish relationship or in the face of a difficult meeting.

It could be an informal third-party facilitation of a conversation between two people or groups who find themselves in conflict.

It might be a more formal mediation with agreed outcomes.

We offer a free and confidential service to all clergy, lay ministers and churchwardens.

Our aim is to:
•   Help you understand what is happening in the conflict and your own response to it.
•   Help you to avoid the escalation of a conflict situation.
•   Enable healing as early as possible in yourself and the relationship.
•   Help you and your church grow through this experience.

We are not offering counselling but a short accompaniment through a time of conflict or raised anxieties when it may be difficult to know where else to turn. Do contact us sooner rather than later.

We can be contacted by email or phone to talk or to arrange a meeting.

Contact the Team 

Canon Richard Stainer

01604 857619

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